Almost 15 years ago, people were speculating about how social media will evolve. At some point, it became so complicated, so cluttered, that we stopped thinking about its future. It is hard to plan our next digital marketing moves if we don’t know where channels are heading.

Live videos, AI, Privacy concerns, digitally native brands, everything is happening too fast that seems there is no point on thinking about the future, the present is too much already.

But, if we need to make a guess about what’s next? How will social media platforms look like in the future?

Let’s look it from the users perspective.

Privacy and content moderation

It is not a secret that we are sharing too much personal information with social media, and the companies behind are selling our data to make a profit.

It is not a secret that we won’t be allowed to share anything we feel like and will be penalized for things like fake news.

Social media channels will start to feel more restrictive.

AI and content discovery

Google covered the search part really well: if we want to learn about something, we google it.

However, it is not a great way to discover new content. We need a replacement for switching between channels with the TV remote control.

Netflix is trying to achieve that by recommending new content to watch, but social media platforms are the ones that know us better. AI to the rescue.

Live streaming

Content tastes better when it is live. There is something unique about watching something that is happening right now, and social media channels like Twitch are capturing very well.

Digitally native brands

Social media advertising is a big industry that despite privacy concerns it will continue to grow.

Digital native brands are using social media as a launch pad. We will see better integration of ads with the customer journey, from the first sales to customer retention. We have the data, the technology, but there is still a long way to go from seeing the same ad about something you already purchases.

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