You might not know how critical power users are for your company. If they leave, your business will suffer. Imagine Twitter losing that -small- percentage of users tweeting every single hour, attracting and engaging other users.

How do you identify a power user? Power user’s definition depends on the context: if you have a B2B tool, they are the ones who know all the tricks and workarounds, try all the new features and can’t perform work without your tool.

If your tool is in the consumer space, they are the influencers, the ones with more followers, the ones posting messages that go viral.

Power users are like musicians. Not everyone knows how to play the piano, and not everyone is good at playing the piano.

For the Power user curve to smile you, before identifying the cohort, you need to identify the power actions in your business. Those core actions users will take and will push your business forward.

If you are Amazon, you want users to make purchases. If you are Twitter, you want users to tweet and retweet. If you’ve built a BI tool, you want people to create and update dashboards. More of those actions, for more users, will drive growth.

Identify your product power actions. Then the cohort of users who are taking those actions more often (power users!) and work on making those actions more engaging, on improving the user experience.


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Leo Celis