Context marketing is the most expensive form of marketing. Imagine that every time you write a blog, create an ad, post a video, you need to think about every single user’s context; which device and channel they are using, what’s their emotional state, and personalize your content accordingly.

A video ad about Tesla that works on YouTube might not have the same impact on Facebook. Although there are steps you can take to prevent this, should you create context-proof content or use all the technologies available to adapt it to each user?

If you have the budget to personalize your content by context, by all means, use it. Get as close as you can to the 1:1 content:user.

My advise? Forget about context. Forget about the emotional state of your users, the device, channel, moment of the day, the weather outside or clothes they were wearing. Focus on how your content can change your users, how to make it more engaging and relevant.

Your context should take your users from point A (whatever is the context they are) to point B (where you create a unique experience.) Create your own context.


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Leo Celis