I was once at a client’s meeting. After going through our process, and the pre-loaded tab-ready application screens, the client asked: “well, how do you go about Facebook campaigns?

I was surprised by the question. The demo was very clear to that point. We thought the client might want to steal our “secret recipes” on how to optimize campaigns, so we went on with our presentation.

Once the meeting was over, I wonder why would the client ask such a question after we’ve shown them an overview of how we work and our platform?

I realized they didn’t want to copy how we work, they wanted to know what’s possible on Facebook, they wanted education. They didn’t want a sales pitch. They wanted a classroom.

It is easy to hire a consultant or agency to take care of your Facebook campaigns; after all, it seems too complicated, too risky. The reality is the more you understand Facebook Ads, the better communication you will have your partners.

At the moment, if you are in the Facebook Ads Manager, and click on All Tools, this is the landscape:

That’s more than 20 tools you can choose. In future posts, I will go one by one, and by understanding the underlying principles, you will be able to start connecting each tool.

Once you know the basics of advertising on Facebook, it shouldn’t take you more than one hour a day to manage a campaign.


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Leo Celis