This was a real question I’ve heard while working at an agency. Its logic is simple: if you have the tech to automatically optimize ad campaigns, in theory, you don’t need media analysts.

There are two lines of thoughts behind this assert: some believe that creating new technology (i.e., innovating) will lead to the need for more specialized users. Another school of thought says that new technology will replace humans. If your entire job is to bid up/bid down based on a set of rules, that sounds like pretty much something a computer can do.

To ensure your company has developed differentiated technology rather than purely leveraging Facebook’s own technology,” this is one of the Facebook’s requirements for companies who wants to earn the Offline Conversions Specialty badge. Whether the “differentiated technology” will replace someone in your org or will empower someone, it is a business decision, it is your decision.

Going back to the first question: “if you have the tech, why did you hire so many analysts?” The answer is: because we decided that technology will empower people to do more, not to replace them.

If your product’s main goal was to save money, it is easier to think that it should allow you to fire people manually doing what your product will do.

On the other hand, if you’ve designed your product to produce value, then the same people that you have, with a little training, will be able to produce more and better outputs.


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Leo Celis