In the B2B world, qualifying a lead has an essential role. Since you are not selling games or grooming products, your potential prospects need to have some level of knowledge before they can value your product/service.

Let’s say you are a performance marketing agency, and you are qualifying the Director of Marketing at a D2C company. If the company never ran a video ad on Facebook, it is unlikely that they will appreciate a dynamic video generation tool.

Most of the qualification process is about measuring knowledge. The more education and experience your potential customer has about what you do, and what you offer, the more value will find in you.

In your landing page or exploratory calls, include a few qualifying questions about your company and industry. Have you worked with an MMP company before? Is your company running Facebook mobile ads? Have you ever run an ad on Twitter or Pinterest?

Once you know where your lead is at in terms of knowledge, you can teach her and take her to the point where she will be sophisticated enough to value and buy what your offer.


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Leo Celis