If you are running campaigns for your clients (or yourself) before turning any ad live, you need to structure a deal.

The primary information you need is the start date, end date, and total budget. From the entire budget and end date, you will know how much money to spend daily (pacing.)

Then you need:

Owner: who are the media analysts? Is it one person managing all the channels, or one expert per channel?

Pricing model: are you charging based on a total spend percentage or a fixed fee?

Type of campaign: is it branding or direct response?

Goal: ff branding, what’s a meaningful goal? Is it reach or frequency?

If it is a direct response, what’s the expected CPA? What’s the total revenue you need to hit?

Measurement: branding campaigns are easy to measure; the channels will provide all the information about how many people were reached, how many times the ads were printed, and how many times people saw the ads.

Integrations: for direct response campaigns, you might need third party integrations, for example, for tracking app installs you will need an MMP provider.

Omni-channel: If it is an omnichannel campaign, you need to list all the channels, and how you will be distributing and reallocating the budget as the campaign progress.

Audience/Ad refresh: how often would you refresh the audience and the ads? Is it weekly or monthly?

Reports schedule: Finally, what’s the frequency of the checkpoints? How often would you put together a progress report (to ask for more budget and extend the campaign)?


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Leo Celis