Attribution models -attempt to- solve the following problem: which step (touchpoint) and channel get most of the credit for a sale?

At first, it seems like a silly problem to solve, but it is not. Let’s say you are selling submarines. You have a blog about it, paying ads on Google and Facebook, and has a three months long sales cycle with three different people involved in it.

Who gest the credit for the sale? Is it a blog post about the Triton 1650/7 specs? The salesman who did the test run? All the steps get equal value, or is there one crucial step that is most valuable?

Answering these questions means making smarter decisions about where to put time/money to increase sales.

There are seven attribution models.

Last Interaction: 100% of the credit goes to the last touchpoint before the conversion.

First Interaction: 100% of the credit goes to the first touchpoint, for example, an ad view.

Last Non-Direct Click: 100% of the credit goes to the touchpoint before the last one. For example, someone who saw your ad, but decided to go to your website. Conversion is attributed to the ad view.

Linear: the % of the credit is distributed equally in all the touchpoints.

Time Decay: the % of the credit increases as the touchpoint gets closer to the conversion (in time.)

Position Based: a higher % of the credit goes to the first and the last touchpoint.

Last Ad Click: 100% of the credit goes to the click on the ad.


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Leo Celis