To this date, Facebook has 11 ad formats:

  1. Video: you can even use Augmented Reality to provide a personalized experience.
  2. Image: works pretty well in combination with video ads.
  3. Collection: put your product catalog in front of the user.
  4. Carousel: to tell a story with multiple images.
  5. Slideshow: use static images to dynamically generate a video and reduce production costs.
  6. Instant Experience: these are interstitial mobile ads – you can use the full user’s mobile screen to showcase your ad.
  7. Lead Generation Ads: in-line forms that pop-ups after the user click on your ad. You can connect the forms with CRMs and streamline the lead generation process.
  8. Offers: a convenient way for direct marketers in the D2C space to promote deals.
  9. Post Engagement: this is the perfect example of leveraging the K-factor power.
  10. Event Responses: the music industry has to love this one.
  11. Page Likes: completely obsolete and a waste of money.

Companies spent millions on acquiring fans for their pages. Then Facebook updated its newsfeed algorithm, and today if you don’t have a strong positioning or engaging content, you will be lucky if your page post is seen by 1% of your 100M fans.


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Leo Celis