It is nearly impossible. The cost of driving traffic from a Facebook Ad is more expensive than the AdSense dollars you can generate from it.

Many variables should converge to achieve Facebook Ads/AdSense break-even:

  • A Google Ads advertiser is targeting your site’s audience.
  • The more advertisers bidding for your audience, the more you can earn.
  • You are targeting an audience on Facebook, that only a few advertisers are bidding on.
  • Your Facebook Ad is so engaging that wins the auctions every time.

The two key variables are: 1) Targeting an audience on Facebook that no other advertisers are interested in, and 2) On Google, having many advertisers interested in that audience.

As Google Ads advertisers flock towards Facebook, the same fierce competition we see on Google will take place on Facebook.

You can’t control what the advertisers do, but you can control your users’ experience: the more engaging is your content, the more trust you generate, the more people will spread the word about you, which will lead to organic/free traffic.


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Leo Celis