Facebook Ads Reporting, Google Data Studio, or Knowi are great reporting tools. They offer flexible data connectors and pre-built templates. However, they are missing one key feature: a wizard to create dashboards.

With so many sources, so much data and so many ways to analyze it, a marketing website dashboard template is not good enough. You need to guide the user through the creation process until she can come up with a dashboard that is meaningful and actionable.

Here is a table to guide you through choosing the right chart, based on if you are looking to compare, relate, see the distribution or the composition of one or many variables (inspired by this):

Chart typeTime-based?ComparisonRelationshipDistributionComposition
Bar ChartX
Column ChartXX
Circular Area ChartXX
Line ChartXX
Column HistogramX
Line HistogramX
Scatter ChartXX
3D Area ChartX
Bubble ChartX
Waterfall ChartX
Stacked Area ChartXX
Pie ChartX


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Leo Celis