Facebook recently announced Horizon, a VR multiplayer world. Inspired by Ready player one, Facebook is betting on Oculus to rely less on digital ads.

I’m sure you’ve seen Ghost in the shell’s holographic ads.

And in-game ads (especially in the mobile space) have been with us for a while.

Google is one step ahead with its Swirl ad units that allow advertisers to use 3D models in their ads.

Given that ads are deep-rooted into our culture, how long would it take to Facebook to realize the potential of “immerse display ads” -as Google will call it- in Horizon?

The ad formats are becoming more sophisticated. We are jumping from dynamic video to 3D interactive experiences, not in controlled worlds like games, but in huge social channels.

It won’t be surprising that a new blend of 3D studios and agencies will start designing and advertising 3d formats on those channels, and potentially new players will create their own VR Ads network (like OmniVirt and adlooker did already.)


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Leo Celis