One of the reasons why we humans are afraid of the uprising of the machines is that we don’t know what to expect.

Would the AI think it is a superior being and slave us all? Or will ti have a more communism purpose, and distribute responsibilities and ownership equally?

The truth is that we don’t need to wait for this future. We are living this fear every day.

Every time we submit a form, and nothing happens for 10 seconds. When the video image keeps going, but the audio is frozen.

I’ve recently signed up for an AI-based analytics tool. After connecting my ad account, a message showed up, saying, “We are analyzing your data, come back later.” I did come back, day after day, and nothing. It turned out that my account didn’t have enough data to analyze.

Keep the users in the loop. It is great that your product has a well-crafted UI, with smooth animations, but the user doesn’t know what’s under the hood. There could be a small city size microservices infrastructure, and the user won’t tell the difference.

If your back-end is analyzing data but an error happened somewhere in the process, inform the user, send her an email, show an alert message. We need to know what’s happening all the time so that we can trust in your product.


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Leo Celis