One of the most powerful features in the Facebook Ads platform is the ability to target similar people. The question is: similar to whom?

I couldn’t find any FB tech partner that is measuring the quality of the seed audiences.

The lookalike algorithm is fantastic, and it works better if you seed it with both large and high-quality audiences: users that are already your customers, or people who took significant action in your marketing funnel.

If you are creating lookalike audiences, make sure that:

  1. You have a large dataset.
  2. Split them into groups for different messages (if they are newsletter subscribers, move them to the next step and offer them a paid subscription.)
  3. They are actively engaged with your brand (they have high open rates, or are recurrent visitors – avoid zombies.)

Follow FB best practices for creating lookalike audiences, and generate a score for each of your seed audiences.


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Leo Celis