One of the most powerful features in the Facebook Ads platform is the ability to target similar people. The question is: similar to whom?

I couldn’t find any FB tech partner¬†that is measuring the quality of the seed audiences.

The lookalike algorithm is fantastic, and it works better if you seed it with both large and high-quality audiences: users that are already your customers, or people who took significant action in your marketing funnel.

If you are creating lookalike audiences, make sure that:

  1. You have a large dataset.
  2. Split them into groups for different messages (if they are newsletter subscribers, move them to the next step and offer them a paid subscription.)
  3. They are actively engaged with your brand (they have high open rates, or are recurrent visitors – avoid zombies.)

Follow FB best practices for creating lookalike audiences, and generate a score for each of your seed audiences.

Leo Celis