With the end of the cookies era and the consolidation of horizontal ad platforms such as Google and Facebook, agencies will have to pivot and become industry experts.

Let’s take, for example, the construction industry. There aren’t any -big enough- marketplaces, social networks, or online products from where you can collect relevant data.

You need to rely on specialists, and their knowledge will become the core data for your construction ad campaigns.

A general-purpose algorithm to predict consumer behavior is also a utopia. The same person doesn’t feel or behave the same when she is buying a pair of shoes or when she is hiring a plumber.

Each industry has it’s own (yet to discover) algorithm to match sellers with buyers, and to advertising brands differently.

New users’ privacy laws aren’t a threat to vertical ad agencies: these new agencies will be built on the top of horizontal networks and add specific know-how/technology for the industry they will serve.

(Inspiration: https://adexchanger.com/data-driven-thinking/the-future-of-ad-tech-will-be-a-return-to-vertical/)


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Leo Celis