“in programming, the stack refers to a “last in, first out” data structure – you can think of it as a collection of different pieces of software”

What is ‘stack’ and why should you care?

We usually ask for your tech stack when we refer to your main programming language, your databases, and which cloud provider you are using.

Reality is that the “tech stack” question invites people to unleash a wave of buzzwords. Go through each tech companies stacks, and you will see what I’m mean.

How can you better describe your stack then? Remove all the fancy words, and talk about your specific problem and solution. You have to be specific beyond the usual buzzwords.

If you are building a new type of CRM, we are not interested to know if it runs on AWS or that you used Python 3.8, but how using AWS Glue FindMatches solved the de-duplication of contacts.


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Leo Celis