“Facebook Disease Prevention Maps are designed to help public health organizations close gaps in understanding where people live, how people are moving, and the state of their cellular connectivity, to improve the effectiveness of health campaigns and epidemic response.”

Data for Good, Disease Prevention Maps

If you are familiar with the COVIDcast map, you will find a new “Surveys (Facebook)” filter. The results were also published in Facebook’s COVID-19 Symptom map.

It is interesting to see how COVID-19 is accelerating and exposing the progress we’ve made in technology. Laggards small businesses are being forced to take the leap and operate online.

Tracking users across multiple domains without them knowing about it, it is evil. Tracking users with COVID-19 symptoms to stop a pandemic, it is the opposite.

Buying ads is not only a marketer’s job anymore. With the right message, an ad can save lives and businesses.

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