“Why aren’t TV ads ever interesting and not clickable?”

Our Story, IntapTV

Intap.tv is trying to breach the gap between “Internet ads” and “TV ads.”

The goal is a viewer can “tap” on a TV ad, and she will be taken straight to the advertiser’s landing page.

The current user flow is something like this: you watch a TV ad, you are interested in what’s being offered, so you pick up your phone or laptop, and search for the company’s name.

Too many steps, and also the viewer might end up in a competitor’s website.

After going through the IntapTV’s software requirements specifications, it is not 100% clear to me how the technology works.

It seems like each user will have an account where they can register devices. If you are watching Netflix or Hulu, and they have integrataed with IntapTV, they will be able to serve ads that are relevant to you, even to the person with whom you are watching the same screen.

It’s not that Netflix don’t have the tech to do something alike (they know who is viewing what content, in what device.) It is more related to opening up the game for companies who want to advertise on different streaming services, and have a centralized platform to measure ad results.


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Leo Celis