There is one thing that all the ads management platforms are bad at: naming campaigns.

There is no naming recommendations, and they pretty much accept any name, character, or emoji you want to use.

Media Analysts haven been very creative in coming up with naming rules that facilitates analysis.

Imagine that you can use actual account or audience dimensions in the names, such as “LaunchDate20200101_Age18-25_PlacementNewsfeed.”

This kind of defeat the purpose of pulling the data from the ad management tool, but also can give you a quick analysis across accounts. By retrieving the campaign names and the metrics for each campaign, you can quickly run on analysis and get the top performers.

The same you can repeat with ad sets, or ad names, or creatives.

Naming conventions are an easy hack to sort, analyze, and report around multiple accounts. I wish that more products start including features like the Facebook Ads Manager Naming template.


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Leo Celis