SmartyAds has all the right buzzwords in their marketing copy that you would expect from a DSP: omnichannel, real-time, full-stack programmatic infrastructure, AI-powered, human-viewable traffic, advanced tracking.

I went ahead and registered on the platform. What I liked about the signup form is that it doesn’t allow you to use your personal email account.

The UI looks clean and simple. It has a traditional and clear division of modules: Campaigns, Creatives, Audiences, Reports.

It is too bad that they didn’t place a guided first-time flow. You tend to click through the sections without knowing what to do first. If you are a media-buyer pro, you will go for creative first.

Another nice validation is the destination URL when you are adding a creative: it has to be secure (“https”) otherwise, you can’t get traffic from secure sources.

When I was adding my first creative, the save button didn’t work, and the development tool network tab showed a nasty “{“errors”:{“native.smallImageId”:[“The selected native.small image id is invalid.”]}}“. I got the same error in Chrome and Firefox. It looks like it was because I was missing the logo image.

The platform is not as sophisticated as the Facebook Ads Manager, but it looks easy enough to set up campaigns, with the cool addition that you can run SmartTV ads as well.


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Leo Celis