Content creators have the same goal: to reach more people. It doesn’t matter if you already have a 10M/mo. visitors blog, you will always be looking to increase your audience.

There are three main methods to achieve that:

  1. Search engines
  2. Paid Ads
  3. Social shares

The first one involves writing content not just for your audience but also for the search engines. The second one is straightforward: you pay an ad network, like Google or Facebook, and get more exposure.

The third one is the most difficult and the most rewarding: you need to write content compelling enough for your audience to share it via social networks.

There are many blog posts about how to create viral content, and they usually focus on common patterns like titles (“How To…”, “10 ways to…”, etc.) or the type of content (images, videos.)

There is nothing wrong about knowing the general inner workings on why people share content, but it doesn’t tell you much about why your specific audience will share yours. What content do they like, or even if they will share it at all (some audience might not want to share anything.)

In future posts, I will be addressing this problem more deeply and solve it with technology instead of recipes.


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Leo Celis