The best score I’ve got for this post’s title is 56.42.

I’ve tried just “New Marketing Tool” and got a score of 75.65, which is far better. But there is a balance between what an ML-based scoring tool can advise you, and what you consider a click-bait type of title.

After a few nights and weekends, I’ve released my first version of the “Sharing Score” tool. If you type in a blog’s title, it will give you a score representing how likely it is for people to share it in social networks.

There is a catch: only works with blog posts related to Advertising and Marketing. Why? Because the tool collects links from top Ad and Mkt sites, pull from Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms’ public APIs, how many times each link was shared. And finally, it analyzes each post’s title, and extract features to create an ML model.

Once you provide a title, the tool will tell you how close it is to what people are sharing.

You can try it out at


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Leo Celis