Why should I care about the Metaverse?

It was time for me to enter the Metaverse, so I recently bought an Oculus Quest 2. While it is remarkably cheap and amazing, it gets very uncomfortable to use, especially if you wear glasses.

I don’t think people will get used to these “nose TVs.” I 100% believe they will not be up for surgery to implant a chip in their brains, either.

People will spend time in the Metaverse, and as you know, ads follow eyeballs. I don’t think people will “vanish” into the Metaverse. Advertisers surely will spend money to keep them in.

How is this going to play out in the future? First, the Metaverse should capture a big enough audience for any advertiser to be interested.

With technologies like UE5 and Unity, we will see more “Experiences” (i.e., traveling without leaving your living room) showing up. Metaverse is a good place to promote your art if you are a content creator.

Users still feel pretty pissed when they are interrupted by ads while watching a Youtube video. They wouldn’t want to see Ronald McDonald popping up from a tree while playing Call of Dutty VR.

I think the most accurate way to show ads in the Metaverse will be contextual. Where you normally see Ads in the real world, you should see them in the Metaverse. Like Red Bull or Rolex have been perfectly doing with racing games.


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Leo Celis