To me, the magic phrase is “I need that.” Even better, if I hear “that’s exactly what I needed” music to my ears.

What follows next is the difference between engaged users and a broken heart.

If in the next 24 hours, the user does not use your feature, it means that she/he doesn’t need it.

You should not pin this on your development team. There could be many factors, such as:

  1. They are afraid to try the feature
  2. They are worried that it might not work
  3. They don’t want to look bad to their bosses

It is a big ask to someone to try something new. If no one of their peers already took the risk and ripped the benefit of using your feature, those 2-3 clicks could be very scary.

Don’t look for the “I need this“; look for the “I tried, and it works.” Do whatever it takes to help the user try your feature and see that nothing terrible happened and that it is improving their lives.

If it doesn’t, you are there to fix it.


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Leo Celis