Everyone loves Scrum.

Agile methodologies were designed to deal with uncertainty. You don’t have all the information at the beginning of the sprint, so you make a bunch of assumptions and start to get stuff done.

Along the way, there are scope or priorities changes or better ways of doing things. Then you adapt.

Scrum’s Achilles heel is synchronicity. Sprint planning, retrospective, and daily scrum meetings stop working as soon as you have a developer in the opposite timezone.

I don’t think the Open Development method will correct this problem. It will make it worse. 

If you run a small team trying to get something out, to stop and scrutinize any new line of code to comply with today’s Open Source standards, you are doubling your dev costs.

Scrum, Kanban, and Open Development are all great methodologies. You should pick the methodology per project or feature.

If you are working on a Customer Data Platform, the Open Development method is excellent for complying with the high data standards when building your Data Warehouse and Data pipelines.


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Leo Celis