Fail to learn” has been a famous motto encouraging founders to push through rapid product iteration.

I don’t know any founder eager to make mistakes. The “learn” piece is the insurance to claim once you inevitably fail while testing your product.

What’s odd is that technical consultants, such as CTOs, VPs of Eng., or Tech Leads, advise founders to fail their first users; “don’t worry if your first 10 users leave angry; use them to learn and capture the rest of the market.

It is pretty stupid advice, in my opinion. I’m not advocating you should listen to all your first users, but you want to keep them engaged, happy, and, most importantly, talking about your product.

The first users are desperate for your solution; if they find it satisfying enough, they will tell other users about it. You don’t want your first 10 users talking bad about your startup while working on getting the following 10 users.


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Leo Celis