All my favorite authors were freaking out about ChatGPT, so I went ahead and asked ChatGPT why. After waiting for a long time (more than a minute), this was ChatGPT’s answer:

Talking with a friend who runs a Creative agency, he made a good point: “AI won’t replace authors; AI will replace authors that don’t leverage AI.”

If you look at it from merely a productivity point of view, asking ChatGPT to write a blog post and get a decent piece in less than 5 minutes is a big win for the AI industry.

I’ve been using Copilot and CodeWhisperer for a while, and they are great code assistant tools. But, from auto-suggesting code to “write me a python application that connects to an s3 bucket,” there is a giant leap.

To all the startup founders and engineers, I only have one recommendation: your work can be enhanced with AI today.


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Leo Celis