Working remotely, sitting next to you

Remote work doesn’t always mean overseas. It means an engineer is working from home or a small office, potentially just a few blocks away from where you are or sitting next to you!

In the age of remote work, we need to expand our thinking beyond physical boundaries.

Economic downturns in one country don’t necessarily mean the rest of the world is experiencing the same. It doesn’t mean the rest of the world even cares about it.

There is no local or global, only the cloud

This expensive bias also leads people to think they should pay local salaries because the living cost is lower or the currency is weaker. Remote engineers, especially overseas, are looking for better opportunities.

The lesson here is to balance your local market with the global market. Don’t confuse big tech layoffs with the rest of the world, and don’t confuse the rest of the world with cheaper labor. We are all living in the cloud these days.

Remote work means finding a talented engineer anywhere in the world, compensating that person fairly, and building your company culture in a virtual world.


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Leo Celis