If you are as obsessive as me, you are checking your Facebook campaign every hour (or every 15 mins, or even less!.) Because Facebook refreshes the data so frequently, you can see the minute to minute performance in the Ads Manager. If something is not working, you make a change. Probably multiple changes a day. There is a better way: Automated Rules. Automated rules will do the work for you if you set the correct rules for your campaign. My recommendation is first to use rules to learn: that is, rules that report you about certain conditions instead of making changes for you. Let’s say you are targeting a cost per acquisition (CPA) of $1; create a rule that reports you when one of your ads avg. CPA in the past two days is greater than $1. If you have multiple ads running, you dig deeper on why this ad is not performing as well as their siblings. Once you have this rule running for a month, you will know if the “CPA > $1 in the past two days” condition was correct, and set up a rule that pauses the ads are not giving you acquisitions at $1 cost.


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Leo Celis