Sometimes, life throws you a curveball, like when you realize you’re paying for two CRMs. Let me walk you through what Tech Stack redundancy means and how you can solve it without draining your budget.

The Annoying Problem of SaaS Redundancy

With an ever-growing number of SaaS and Micro-SaaS tools, the urge to build custom solutions has diminished, even when the budget and engineering team are available.

As a result, you might find yourself tangled in a web of redundant SaaS services. This could be due to a new company acquisition or simply one SaaS product’s lack of what another offers.

How does this redundancy creep in? And more importantly, how do you solve this mess without overcomplicating things?

Challenging the Norm: Do You Really Need Both?

The state of tech stack redundancy is a problem that arises, often unnoticed. This is a battle between choosing feature-rich software versus a sleek, modern app with minimal functionality.

Why would you pay for two CRMs that essentially do the same thing? It’s like owning two cars that serve the same purpose. You only need one.

Finding the Solution

The end goal is simple: reduce redundancy and license fees. No more paying for the same thing twice. But how?

  1. Pick the Right Tool: Identify the SaaS product that’s more feature-rich yet easy to use. Though there might be contradictions between these two factors, more features usually trump a bad user experience (ahem, Salesforce.)
  2. Choose Your Path: Either downgrade the redundant product’s license or request the provider’s missing feature. It’s a tricky decision, as small SaaS companies resist fee reductions, and larger ones are slow to add features.
  3. Fill the Gap Yourself 🏆: Build the missing features in your own application. This may sound like a step back, but a tailored solution is sometimes the way forward.

Embrace the Modern Approach 🏆

Today’s SaaS market is bustling, and it makes sense to integrate all the tools in your tech stack.

Creating a modern app with only the missing features won’t outdo giants like Salesforce, but it can give you unique insights.

You could leverage platforms like OpenAI and build AI-powered features that your SaaS providers won’t build as fast as you can.

Want to delve deeper into this subject? Check out this enlightening book.

In Conclusion

SaaS redundancy doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side.

By understanding the problem and adopting a smart approach, you can streamline your tech stack and save money and headaches.

Isn’t it time to get your tech stack in order?


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Leo Celis