Duopoly is an economic term used when two companies own a majority of the market. If you look at last year’s digital spend stats, those two companies were Facebook and Google.

If your company is running ads, chances are they are advertising on Facebook, Google or both.

This also means advertising on these channels will get more expensive next year. Especially in the US, that accounts for the 50% of the total global spend.

Does it make sense to find ways to reduce costs if they are going up anyway?

To me, this is an opportunity to become smarter. To use better tools and/or improve our current ones. To explore machine learning for cost predictions, to protect ourselves from Ad Fraud. To find ways to reach more people at less cost by leveraging the network effect that is built-in on Facebook and Google.

If costs are going up anyways, the smart move you can do is to get the most out of your ad dollars.


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Leo Celis