When your company is advertising on Google, it is paying for attention. Since attention can be faked in the digital world, paying for bot-generated attention is a bad business.

AppNexus’ stats said there will be a +200% increase in Ad Fraud by 2022. White Ops said Methbot was stealing (for lack of a better word) $3 – $5 million per day.

n a land where things can be easily faked (news, traffic, money, etc.), to whom can you trust your ad dollars?

Well, the short answer is no one. Besides the usual security tools that you can use to combat Ad Fraud, the very best thing you can do is to own the data.

When I say “data,” I mean “connection.” If you are capturing subscribers for your blog, talk to them. Engage with them. Earn their permission to speak to them, to follow up, to ask for more information, to sell them. You can do this programmatically using Zapier or MailChimp; there are tons of communication tools for this purpose.

If you look only at acquisition costs, whether because of fake profiles or new advertisers, the costs will go up. But once you’ve acquired a real human customer, the long-term value of this person is far more important than any other sunk cost.


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Leo Celis