Digital ad spend will represent the majority of the Ad spend. Programmatic (display) spend is decreasing (ad fraud maybe?.) Mobile ads are winning over desktop ads. Ad Fraud is increasing.

How about technology? More companies are investing in AI and machine learning. Why? Well, there is still the old promise of delivering the right message, on the right channel to the right people. Companies hope they can crack on what “right” means, and dynamically adjust landing pages and adapt content on the fly for each type of user.

You can question whether digital ads produce results or not, but you can’t say they don’t provide information: you know exactly how many people viewed, clicked, and converted. Furthermore, you can know who those people are.

Given the massive amount of data, channels, formats, devices, there is no way a single media buyer person can handle everything so AI and machine learning can assist here.

There is an additional benefit on using AI: enhancing user experience. It might not be about showing the right message to the right people, but learning from what people want, and anticipate to their needs.

In 2019, we are in an inflection point where it’s not about brands anymore; it is about delivering efficiency and the best experience through technology. It doesn’t matter if you are a 100 years old brand, or a new internet startup, if you have these two new powers, you will have a better outcome for this year.

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Leo Celis