As with any other analytics tool, the first step you need to take after signing up is to place a pixel. One thing I really liked is that they tracking implementations for different languages. If you want to send back-end events using Python, you can do it with their own lib.

The javascript snippet is a bit too-long/ugly, but at least you don’t have to wait for 24hs until they start collecting data.

One of the unique features the tool provides is “Predict.” Given a conversion goal, such as subscribers, Mixpanel will score users on their likelihood of converting to subscribers. It is a paid feature of course, but still cool to have.

As you browse through the tool, there are short explanatory videos about how to use each section, which is a very convenient way to learn.

The fact they have their python lib to track server-side events, and the conversion predictions feature makes Mixpanel a analytics tool worth to try.


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Leo Celis