Human language is a form of unstructured data. Machines communicate using structured data (that’s why Googlebot likes well-defined HTML pages.)

When your amazing developers are working on something new, they are using structured languages like Python.

Same as with Machine Learning, NLP or Natural Language Processing, is a sub-field of A.I.

A.I. powered features are popping up across all the Ad Tech/ MarTech landscape. So where does NLP fit into this trend?

You can use NLP as a monitoring tool: you can scan your websites, your blog posts, your social media accounts, looking for mentions of people and organizations (and you!). You can extract facts and statements related to those entities, and check if the text’s sentiment is positive or negative.

Imagine that across all the content, you can identify the low-quality ones and address them before publishing them. Or that you can sort by urgency what people are saying about your company (assuming they are not saying nice things), and alert your team to address them.

Communication is money. The better you communicate, the more money you can make. If you communicate effectively what your brand stands for, what are your products or services about, address customer complains, your business is creating better experiences. Better experiences lead to lower CPAs and higher LTVs.

(For a more detailed introduction to NLP check this post.)


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Leo Celis