Real-Time marketing is not a term we often heard anymore. With the advances in big data and machine learning the Minority Report’s “you can use a Guinness” ad might be possible (without the holographic part.)

The goal is to create a personalized experience for each user in real time. The first problem to solve is identity: how do you know if a user that browsed through your website, now is also checking your mobile app? There are companies like focused on this challenge.

The second problem is geolocation, knowing where the user is right now. You can use products like Localytics to get mobile location data that is more accurate than what you can get from the user’s IP address.

And finally, personalization. Here you can leverage your existing customer data. If you’ve been tracking your customers’ behaviors with tools like Mixpanel and creating marketing campaigns with products like HubSpot, you can automatically put the user in a specific journey (personalized landing page or mobile app section) and send her a relevant marketing message.

If you just walked in a Nordstrom store, and the first thing you get is a 50% discount mobile app notification (for one of the shoes you were checking in their website at home), would you feel that Nordstrom is spamming you or giving you a good deal?


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Leo Celis