Everyone is talking about A.I./Machine learning these days. We are way past marketing automation, omnichannel support, and data-driven products. Seems like agencies need to include Machine Learning in their communication, so they don’t look obsolete.

Big guys like Adobe and Salesforce are incorporating A.I. into new products. In the U.S. alone, more than 100 agencies are using Machine Learning.

A.I. is not a new game at all: companies like RocketFuel started more than 10 years ago with A.I.-based algorithms.

Why is A.I./ML so important for marketing agencies? Besides that everyone is doing it -or that has been done for years- there is a good, technical and tactical reason why you want Machine Learning to empower your media analysts.

With so many ways to configure audiences, so many combinations of text, images, videos, and so many touchpoints (and channels!) the user can go through, it is nearly impossible to code all the rules you need, for every combination, to improve results. You need ML to come up with those rules on the go.

Agencies are pulling gigabytes of information from different channels and mediums (Facebook, Landing Pages, Mobile devices.) There is no way to aggregate them all on an Excel sheet and have media analysts to find patterns and come up with insights and predictions.

Machine Learning is especially useful when there are predictions worth to predict. In the growth marketing landscape, there are lots of them.

Agencies that incorporates ML-based algorithms in their performance tactics will have an unfair advantage over others than are not. As with many other fields, who has better technology, wins.


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Leo Celis