You might think that most of the agencies lack the operating system to run a tech stack effectively, but you’d be surprised about how many SaaS solutions they had to orchestrate, including Salesforce.

The main module they use is “Deals.” Agencies use Deals to keep their clients’ campaign information up to date. Campaign goals, flight time, budget, creatives, ad accounts info: everything could be stored as part of a Salesforce deal.

Keeping the rest of the platforms in sync with those deals is a busy work nightmare. Agencies fallback on methods such as naming conventions and weekly reminders to update the data across multiple systems.

The reality is that we are at a stage where we can easily integrate and automate those tasks. Agencies can build AWS-powered data pipelines, and use services like Zapier to keep move the data between services.

Soon we will start seeing startups trying to solve this problem: building a one-stop solution, where agencies can manage everything through a single and unified UI/UX. This will require leveraging both pre-built integrations systems, the cloud, and UI frameworks, to keep the development within a reasonable timeframe and cost.


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Leo Celis