Who is driving your Product Development?

You will get very different products if your CTO, CMO, CEO, or even users drive your product roadmap. The features they propose might be the same, but the quality, end-result, and how you get to the finish line, would be very different.

One of my first clients was a small design firm in Spain. They didn’t care if the back-end was a single PHP script using a text file as a database. They only care about pixel-perfect screens. When working for a US-based ad tech agency, the users only care about numbers: more data, from more platforms, faster.

You don’t need a perfectly polished UI -if that’s not critical for your user-. You don’t need to collect all the possible metrics if only a few are relevant for the users. Your goal is to get a working product.

If you have something working, you can get it out, get feedback, compare against other features, measure engagement, revenue, etc. 

If you see too many people trying to get the steering wheel, make sure they are heading towards a feature-complete destination.  Focus on getting the feature done, not in pleasing any change request.


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Leo Celis