C-level executives are not immune to Targeted Ads. It is fundamentally wrong to think that executives won’t click on targeted ads or fill up lead forms.

While in the recruiting business, I’ve spent ten grand on Facebook Ads, targeting CTOs looking for remote engineering talents. 

How many clients did I get with these targeted ads? Just one. What was my ROI? One, as well. I’ve spent $10k, and I got in return another $10k (in the form of referral fees.)

I’m sure if I’ve run the campaign for more time and with a higher budget, I would’ve benefited from the learnings, both from the Facebook algo and my own optimizations.

Whether you are in the B2C, B2B, or D2C, you are dealing with people. People use different channels under different emotional-states. Your ad creative should reach out to them with a story that resonates and creates tension. The landing pages should take them closer to what they need.

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Leo Celis