Although educating yourself on UX design is crucial, I urge you not to get seduced by the urge to innovate in this realm.

It’s all too easy to let the glitter of newness distract you from the true focus of your product.

The Allure and Expense of UX Design Innovation

We might be drawn toward innovative UX design in our quest to distinguish our products.

However, the cost of these endeavors may be higher than expected, sometimes exceeding the price of building a complex back-end system.

Devoting time and resources to novel UX components or experiences might pull valuable assets away from other vital aspects of your product.

Remember, the path of UX design innovation is often winding and non-linear, involving plenty of trial and error, user testing, and multiple iterations.

The Strength of Consistency and UI Component Libraries

By establishing clear design guidelines for your brand, you create a cohesive vision for your product’s appearance and user experience.

This consistency streamlines the development process for your engineering team and fosters a more enjoyable experience for your users.

Investing in a UI components library is akin to amassing a set of ready-made building blocks for your product.

It saves you time, money, stress, and energy by streamlining the creation of new screens or features.

A Cautionary Tale: My Experience with a 90s-Inspired Interface

As a fan of 90s video games, I was intrigued when a startup I worked with decided to incorporate a retro-inspired style into their web app.

Despite my love for nostalgic designs, it was a costly misstep.

Upon assessing the project, I questioned whether the interface was the product’s key differentiator.

I emphasized that UI and UX can often be the most expensive components of a product.

Eventually, after cycling through two engineering teams and two years of work, the 90s-inspired UI was replaced with a more modern design.

The Art of Knowing When to Innovate

Innovation can propel your product to success, but understanding when and where to concentrate your efforts is essential.

If a novel UI/UX component or experience isn’t central to your product’s differentiation, it might be wiser to prioritize other areas.

After all, that saved budget could be better spent on something like an offsite company trip, creating lasting memories and team unity.


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Leo Celis