Long gone are the days where smart and talented media analysts were optimizing multi-million-dollar ad campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager and Excel.

After more than a decade since Facebook Ads’ launch, today we have a new batch of companies specialized on Facebook Ads automation and advanced A.I./Machine Learning analytics:

Aitarget: their main product is about campaigns creation automation and rules-based optimization.

Trapica: they have an A.I. product for predictive targeting and scaling.

Revealbot: similar to aitarget, they provide a rules-based optimization product.

Zalster: although they don’t say much about their ML capabilities, they have a Slack bot that you can use as an interface to your Facebook Ad campaigns.

It is simple enough to add “A.I./Machine Learning” to your website and talk about algorithms and performance.

As we move forward with ML, companies will have to be more specific about how they are achieving results through A.I./ML.

Which Facebook Ads metrics are worth predicting? How accurate are your predictions? Which features are more relevant to my goals? Which ML models are you using for each prediction problem?

Clients will evolve, get more sophisticated and mature, and the answers to those questions will need to become part of the products’ brochures.


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Leo Celis