I recently read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-hour Workweek for the second time. It still seems so surreal for developers.

We, developers, like to pull all-nighters, work non-stop until we solve a problem, and we leave the bulk of the work close to the deadlines.

How can we accomplish anything by spending only two hours a day and taking Fridays off? Tim’s book doesn’t seem like written for engineers.

I found two main takeaways really useful: 1) What can I get done today? It does help to break down projects into daily shippable chunks. It helps you to get organized, and it boosts morale.

And 2) We do need micro-retirements. After a long and intense multiple sprints, we do need some time off. For #1, you need creativity, and you cannot be creative if you are burned out.


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Leo Celis